MusicRadar have recently given the AKG K72 headphones a look over and provided a thorough review of the very affordable pro-spec headphones. MusicRadar mention their pros of the K72's, including the lighweight design and sound quality all for a great price.

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When speaking of the sound quality of these headphones, MusicRadar said "The K72 delivers a remarkable amount of oomph per pound, with a profile leaning more towards the flat, studio reference monitor end of the spectrum but delivering a listening experience that's entertaining and rewarding enough for most use cases."

They were also very impressed with the comfort and build of the K72's, mentioning "the two rails that form the arch connecting the ear cups are made from flat pieces of steel, giving these cans the edge in the durability stakes over the plastic rails found on the K240" and "Slung across the void within the arch is an adjustable nylon headband...ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit."

MusicRadar were very impressed overall with the K72's performance, with a verdict of 4/5 and an overall roundup verdict of "Despite the slightly vague and cloudy midrange, for the equivalent cost of a pair of inexpensive 'street' cans, the K72's offer a remarkably pro performance that threatens to knock Sennheiser’s HD206 off its 'best cheap studio all-rounder' throne."

For the full MusicRadar review of the AKG K72's, follow the link here.

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