"...could be the best 'phones you can get for two figures".

AKG KSeries 560

Designed to meet the requirements of recording musicians, producers and engineers on a budget, the new K52, K72 and K92 models deliver legendary AKG sound quality, exceptional comfort and long-lasting yet lightweight construction.  All three models are reviewed in the new issue of MusicTech, with the AKG K92’s picking up the magazine’s coveted ‘Value’ and ‘Choice’ awards.

"You can afford any model in the K Series. The cheapest, the K52, weighs in at just £29 plus VAT; the most expensive at just £49 plus VAT. For headphones aimed at the mixing market, that is extraordinary”.

"The 52s are very comfortable indeed. The band keeps them tight - but not too clammy - on your head and the isolation is decent…the sound does punch through so they'd be a good set of cans for monitoring in a live scenario”.

"Sound-wise though, these (K72s) are a step up. When A/B-ing with the 52s, you really can hear the presence of the extra couple of bass hertz, which helps make the sound less in-your-face…you can start to pinpoint more things in your mix compared to the 52s and that's important in mixing. If you can identify a problem area - which you can just do with these - then you can start mixing”.

"The 92s have the widest quoted frequency range and this is apparent in my tests.  I could pick out more bass, more lower mids and separation is again good, as is comfort."

"Of the three, we definitely recommend the K92s. They have the best specs and are a step up sound-wise, with the wearing experience of all three being otherwise similar. Indeed, they do challenge, but not quite beat, our 'spend more money' on speakers philosophy, and could be the best 'phones you can get for two figures”.

The full review can be found in the August issue of MusicTech magazine on sale now.  The AKG K52, K72 and K92 headphones are also available now priced at £29, £39 and £49 RRP ex VAT respectively.

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