High-performance dynamic vocal microphone

The Perception P5 high-performance dynamic vocal microphone delivers powerful sound for lead vocals. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures utmost gain before feedback and ambient noise suppression, even on the noisiest stage.

The Perception P5 comes in a heavy-duty metal body to withstand tough stage performances. An integrated windscreen efficiently eliminates pop and wind noise. The microphone is available with (P5 S) or without (P5) on/off switch. The package includes a stand adapter and a zip bag.

  • High feedback suppression with supercardiod polar pattern; Integrated windscreen; 24-carat gold-plated XLR connector
  • ; Rugged wire-mesh cap and full metal body
  • ; Complete with stand adapter and zip bag / for trouble-free use with on-stage monitoring; for elimination of pops and wind noise; for optimum conductivity and resistance to corrosion; withstand every live performance; for daily use and easy transport; on'off switch
Polar Patternsupercardioid
Audio Frequency bandwidth40 to 20000 Hz
Sensitivity2.5 mV/Pa
Electrical Impedance580 Ohms
Recommended Load Impedance2000 Ohms
Audio Output
TypeBalanced XLR
Dimensions / Weight
Length190 mm
Diameter51 mm
Net Weight320 g