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REVIEW: SOS on the

REVIEW: SOS on the "exemplary" SSL Fusion stereo analogue processor

"SSL have evidently applied great skill and intelligence to produce this elegant and effective 'colouring' tool, which is equally well suited to mastering, mix-bus processing, and applying polish to in-the-box projects."The Solid State…

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Sound Technology Ltd, leading supplier to the UK's MI industry

Sound Technology Ltd is one of the most successful trade distributors to the UK’s MI (musical instrument) industry.  We supply a select portfolio of high profile brands of musical instruments, live sound equipment, recording products and accessories to retail stores in the UK and ROI.

We are the exclusive brand representatives in the UK and ROI, providing sales, marketing, service and support.

As a trade distributor, Sound Technology does not sell directly to retail customers, with the exception of a small number of spares and accessories.

For more information please call us on 01462 480000.