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LDI (Booth #353) – LAS VEGAS – Today,HARMAN Professional Solutions re-introduced the world to its unbeatable Martin P3 Visual Control Solution. P3 is a unique protocol with accompanying ergonomic control software, developed by Martin for lighting designers working in all types of applications. P3 is extremely simple to use and empowers hybrid video/DMX control for incredible looks that can't be found anywhere else. To empower designers to make the use of P3 even more convenient, P3 will soon be integrated directly into a wide range of Martin lighting fixtures, including the new Martin MAC Allure Profile, also being introduced at LDI.

No other system on the market allows fixtures to be controlled with video-content and DMX-controls at the same time. Every look can be created in the easiest way possible and lighting designers have the ability to create visuals that are limited only by their imagination. P3 allows video content to be controlled and mapped to Martin creative LED video products, including the just announced at LDI, Martin MAC Allure Profile, VDO Face, VDO Sceptron, VDO Dotron, VDO Fatron, VC-Grid, VC-Strip, VC-Dot, Exterior PixLine, Exterior Dot-HP, and more exciting Martin products, yet to be announced. The heart of the P3 eco-system is a system controller such as the Martin P3-050, P3-150, P3-300, or P3-PC, which then connects to all P3-enabled fixtures in the system. The P3 ecosystem ensures flicker-free operation and uniformity, rock-solid, high-quality performance, and simple, quick mapping and automation for flawless execution of any lighting design.

Features that make the P3 protocol stand out as an industry leader include:

  • No longer are video and lighting living on separate islands. Lighting fixtures, creative LED fixtures and LED video panels are living together in one system with one visual canvas.
  • P3 processed products can be fed a video image or controlled via DMX, or even ;both at the same time, which offers much more flexibility and creative potential.
  • Powerful automation apabilities are integrated into P3 software making it easy to ntegrate various moving pieces,such as a stage set with moving risers.
  • Unlike other LED products, designers can count on a flicker-free experience with P3 – there is no lickering to worry bout during TV production.
  • Maintaining uniformity has always been an issue when using a variety of different lights. P3 continually recalibrates all fixtures to maintain exact uniformity across everything on stage or building.
  • Products utilising P3 also offer the ability to merge DMX FX into video, allowing strobing, animated effects to be done& on top of video effects.
  • The P3 System Controller guarantees system-wide synchronization between all P3-enabled products, so that every effect is fully “in-sync” across the entire stage or building.
  • Setup, mapping and addressing fixtures in a P3 system is a true painless experience, no walking around to address ;every single fixture manually.

“We are thrilled to be sharing the literally, untapped creative potential that P3 offers lighting designers that might have gone with products in the past that often couldn’t offer anywhere near the versatility that P3 offers them,” said Peter Skytte, HARMAN Professional Solutions Tour Lighting Manager. “We are also hearing from many designers how surprised they are to experience how drop dead simple it is to map and configure their designs using P3. We encourage everyone to check out the videos below to learn more about what awaits them with P3 and then let your HARMAN representative know so we can discuss further.”    

Explore the Ease and Creative Potential of P3 - Watch the Case Study Videos:

Martin P3 and Creative VDO Products Support Pop Duo Karpe Diem

Superloader Utilizes Martin P3 and Creative VDO for Making of ‘City of Light’ Video

Additional Details and Availability

HARMAN is demonstrating its Martin P3 and supporting P3 products in Booth #353 at Live Design International (LDI) 2018. P3 software is immediately available at