Mix Magazine recently reviewed the JBL EON ONE MKII all-in-one portable PA speaker, providing an in-depth look at the system and a breakdown of its features and uses.

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When it came to the speaker being used in a lecture setting, the reviewers said "In each venue, the EON ONE MK2 was more than able to hold its own, providing clarity as it covered the crowds without knocking them over...Audio from film clips played back from a laptop retained their power and musicality, and using the spoken-word preset gave shape and definition to the speaking voice, which particularly helped in the former gymnasium."

More inmportantly when used for live music situations, the reviewer stated "I plugged two vocal mics and an electric guitar into it, and each one had a defined relative presence in the resulting sound. The male and female vocal presets brought some charm to the mics"

The review is very positive overall and was rounded up with "The most important aspect of a P.A., however, is its sound, and that’s where the EON ONE MK2 shines, benefitting from JBL’s decades of experience as it provides clear, enjoyable audio that covers a space well."

You can read the full review from Mix Magazine here.

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