Gator has added three new case models to the popular GWE Series. With the addition of the GWE-TBIRD to fit your Thunderbird Style Bass Guitar, the arch-topped, GWE-000AC to fit your 000 Style Acoustic Guitar and the GWE-EXTREME for radical body shapes such as the Gibson Flying V™, Explorer™ or Dean ML™, the series has something for everyone.

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The GWE Series is perfect for daily use, safe storage, and quick trips to nearby gigs, with its lightweight plywood construction covered in rugged, protective Tolex covering. The ergonomic matching handle and lockable latches keep your guitar safe and secure.

The interior of the cases are lined with a plush padding, built-in neck stabilizing support system to keep your guitar securely in place.

Keep all of your accessories at hand by utilizing the large internal storage compartment for picks, strings, tuners, capos and more.

All three new models are shipping now in the UK priced from £89 RRP inc VAT. Discover the full GWE range here.