"This is a great little amp whose beefy, mature tones belie its compact size and competitive price".

Pmp session30 500

The complete family of EBS Session combos now includes the Session 30, Session 60 and Session 120 models, offering combos for a wide range of playing situations. This is a series to grow with, from the beginner to the working pro in need of a smaller home studio or professional sounding practice unit. Play Music Pickup magazine this month review the latest and smallest in the range, the EBS Classic Session 30.

"The general build quality lends the Session 30 a reassuring sense of reliability: steel corner protectors and immaculate finishing - complete with nice chunky control knobs for the input gain, volume and two-band EQ - feel contemporary and functional".

"The combo features a single 8-inch driver whose impressive punch and protection induced a look of instant surprise and a big silly grin on the face of our guest bassist!"

"An ideal practice combo, the Session 30's headphone socket cuts off the main speaker for silent practicing whilst the mini-jack auxiliary input allows connection of an MP3 player or iPod for playing along to backing tracks".

"The Good Bits? Build quality and great sounds. The Not so good bits? Nothing to fault, it ticks all the boxes."

The full review can be found in the December issue of Play Music Pickup magazine online now. The EBS Classic Session 30 is also available now at £149 RRP.

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