The highly acclaimed EBS Classic Session 60 was recently joined by two new models, the Classic Session 30 and Classic Session 120. Bass Guitar magazine review both of the new combos in the latest issue.

Bass ebs30 120 500

"The basic tone supplied by the 12" speaker (Session 120) was warm and uncomplicated, in keeping with the vintage styling used on this range. With some tweaks to the EQ I was quickly able to find suitable tones for both smooth fingerstyle and heavy pick playing. In addition to a solid low end, the Session 120 packs an impressive punch thanks to the piezo tweeter: this was more than noticeable when using a pick".

"Switching on the Character button (Session 120) activates a pre-shaped EQ setting that features a boost in both the bass and treble ranges, and a cut in the midrange. As one would expect, this pre-shape works well for the slap style, and it can be further tailored using the EQ controls".

"At the 12 o'clock position this combo (Session 120) was thunderous, leaving me in no doubt that it would easily handle smaller gigs".

"The Session 30 is by no means a gigging combo, but it's a great little amp to have around at home for practice purposes and simple tweaks of the two EQ controls meant that workable tones were possible for different styles and techniques".

"At £399, the Session 120 is a very solid and affordable offering from EBS. The inclusion of features such as an Aux In and Headphone jack make it great for home practice, but it's also got the chops for most small-scale gigs as well. At 21kg, it's no hardship to transport, and the tiltback function is a nice addition that many gigging professionals will welcome".

"The Session 30 is also great value for a small, unobtrusive home practice amplifier. Depending on your requirements, we'd recommend checking out both combos".

The full review can be found in the January issue (Issue 86) of Bass Guitar magazine on sale now. The EBS Classic Session 30 and Classic Session 120 are also available now at £149 and £399 RRP respectively.

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