The January 2013 issue of Guitarist magazine, out now, includes the DigiTech iStomp in its coveted Gear of the Year awards.

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"The iStomp idea is a very simple one. You take your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, boot up the iStomp app and download various effec pedals (£1.49 and up each). You then load any one of them into the iStomp, where it will stay until you load in another one. It's any pedal you want, see? Not cheap, but hugely useful live or in the studio."

Note: Since publication the price of the iStomp has been reduced from £159 RRP to £139 RRP inc VAT (and usually cheaper if you search UK retailers in-store and online!).iStomp also now comes with 10 e-pedals includedwith close to 50 e-pedals available in total.

Jamie Dickson also comments in his opinion piece, "Perhaps the bigger move forward, however, is where software, hardware and smartphones/tablets are buddying up in new interesting ways. DigiTech's iPB10 sought to bring the touchscreen capabilities of the iPad to a rugged stage-ready interface. But it's the company's iStomp that will have bigger mainstream impact. The ability to add virtual pedals to your collection at ay time from an online store makes a whole load of sense."

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