"A state-of-the-art multi-FX floor pedal with the easiest editing ever".

The DigiTech iPB-10 programable pedalboard for iPad is also reviewed in Guitarist magazine this month where it is awarded the magazine's 'Choice' award, given to 'highly recommended, excellent buys'.

"The exceptionally solidly built iPB-10 works with both iPad and iPad2 - all you have to do is connect the device's 30-pin port to the iPB-10's flexibly mounted plug, sit it in the dock and lower the frame, which instantly locks it securely in place, looking for all the world like it was always an integral part of the pedalboard".

"Editing is really simple and can be carried out on the iPad in isolation, or when it is installed in the iPB-10".

"The 100 factory preset offer a great introduction to the unit, covering loads of styles and the signature tones of well-known players - overall, these sounds are excellent. The individual models represent loads of classics in both the amp and stompbox worlds, plus there's some cool Lexicon reverb to add ambience".

"The iPB-10 is a clever concept hat has translated into a very practical piece of gear...Certainly, setting up and rearranging a complete pedal rig has never been easier".

The full review can be found in the November Issue (348) of Guitarist magazine on sale now. The DigiTech iPB-10 is available now at £499 RRP.

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