At Winter NAMM 2016, dbx by HARMAN is debuting seven powerful additions to its popular 500 Series line of signal processing modules. Perfect for studio, live sound and mobile recording applications, the 500 Series modules and PowerRack 500 Series chassis are compact, portable and highly modular. They also offer excellent features, control, sound quality, and the highly sought-after warmth and usability of analogue signal processing.

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Photo above: dbx 540 Tube Mic Preamp (click for hi-res version)

The new dbx 540 is a single-slot 500 Series tube microphone preamp that boasts pristine audio output, superior-quality high-end design at a value price.  The dbx 540 features a Class A tube preamplifier, switchable phantom power and a super fast in-line optical compressor. The interchangeable 12AX7 preamp tube allows users to experiment with a variety of modern and vintage tubes for creating a customised sound.

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Photo above: dbx 565 Dual-Band Optical Compressor (click for hi-res version)

The new dbx 565 is the ideal 500 Series dual-channel optical compressor for the discriminating user. The 565 features a dual-channel multi-frequency-band optical compressor, Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order (24dB/octave) crossover slope, Master level display with VU meter, Gain reduction LED, Independent compression, Attack and Release controls, and a Circuit bypass switch.

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Photo above: dbx 555 5-band Parametric EQ (click for hi-res version) 

Finally, the new 555 5-band parametric EQ, the 570 High-Z input and the 590 Phase manipulator will join the current dbx 500 series line offering a full range of processing tools for recording and live sound.

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Photo above: dbx 570 High-Z Mic Preamp (click for hi-res version)
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Photo above: dbx 590 Phase Manipulator (click for hi-res version)

Also new at Winter NAMM 2016, the new PowerBlock3 and PowerRack3 both feature power sources designed to house up to three 500 Series modules. The rear panel sports three slots of balanced XLR inputs and outputs along with three slots of unbalanced ¼-inch inputs and outputs. A 48V phantom power switch is located on the front of the rack for easy access. The chassis are designed to be fully compatible with the 500 Series format, but in two different compact orientations–horizontal and vertical, respectively.

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Photo above: dbx PowerBlock 3 (click for hi-res version)

Image titlePhoto above: dbx PowerRack 3 (click for hi-res version)

“Our studio and live sound customers let us know they are delighted by the dbx 500 Series line,” said Peter Chaikin, Recording Solutions, HARMAN Professional. “With five new entries and two new chassis, dbx has an unparalleled stable of versatile and high-quality modules.”

Pricing and Availability

Products are expected to begin shipping in Q1 2016.

dbx 540 - £349 RRP ex VAT
dbx 555 - £449 RRP ex VAT
dbx 565 - £449 RRP ex VAT
dbx 570 - £269 RRP ex VAT
dbx 590 - £269 RRP ex VAT
dbx PowerRack 3 - tbc
dbx PowerBlock 3  - tbc

dbx is distributed by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call 01462 480000 and visit