Iconic London venue Troxy is the first UK venue to install a state-of-the-art new JBL VTX A12 line array system, March 2019.

Troxy may be retro when it comes to the amazing art deco interior, but it is now bristling with new technology having transformed its capability to deliver stunning sound with a new in-house sound JBL system.

Full demo’s and testing, along with Harman’s professional, personable approach to the project led to the decision to make a significant investment into the new JBL VTX A12 line-array. The system was a clear choice to give the best sound to Troxy’s wide range of prestigious live music events, high profile awards ceremonies, corporate events and private parties. It has had its first full uses at a Mayday Parade concert and an Illuminaughty DJ club night, March 2019, where its stunning quality was evident.

Harman application team manager for EMEA Ed Jackson recalls:

"When Troxy approached us, JBL was looking for a venue to do a launch event for the new A12 where it could showcase its incredible sonic abilities. As soon as I walked into Troxy I decided that it was the one we would use. The quality of the new A12 and A8, and the way that our technical teams have been able to work with the team at Troxy has led to it being the first European venue to invest in the VTX A series. The result is an amazing sound system."

A joint working group for the project was formed between Harman and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd including Sound Technology’s Business Development Manager - Large Venue and Engineered Sound, Joe East, Application Engineer Manager, Ben Todd and Application Engineer, Stuart Strachan. The system has been specified in collaboration with integration partner, SSE Audio Group, who installed new infrastructure in the venue, making the system work for the venue functionally as well as sonically. The new infrastructure offers incoming productions easy access to the system, with the flexibility to go from thumping DJ’s to conference presentations and give high quality audio balanced into every area of the venue, as expected of a venue of such calibre.

The centrepiece of the integrated Harman high-grade sound reinforcement system isthe new JBL VTX A12 dual 12” line-array loudspeakers, with full JBL monitor and fills package.

Tom Sutton-Roberts, general manager at Troxy comments:

“This is a major investment for the venue and we have worked closely with all parties to specify and install a truly state-of-the-art system to offer the promoters that workwith us. We selected JBL based on both audience and tour management feedback, andwe’re already receiving a great response to the line-array system.”

Sound Technology’s application engineer, Stuart Strachan, adds: “Troxy is a very versatile venue, which changes its layout on an event-by-event basis, and this system design is flexible to match any layout of the room. With JBL’s Performance Manager software, the venue staff can recall various presets, created in the commissioning stage, in order to facilitate the most commonly used configurations. Fine adjustments can then be made in the software for any deviations from these configurations. ”

A full JBL monitor and fills package has been provided as part of the upgrade, which includes JBL VTX M22 stage monitors and VTX F35, F15 and F18S point source boxes for sidefills and drum fills.

The venue has also bought of two Soundcraft Vi3000 mixing consoles with matching Vi Stageboxes . SSE has packaged the Stageboxes in a splits rack, which forms the backbone of a new stage line system. A Soundcraft Si Performer 1 console has also been provided; its small footprint and high channel count are perfect for the many corporate shows which demand that tech is kept as invisible as possible, finding its main use in the ‘cupboard’ mixing booth under the staircase.

Tom Sutton-Roberts concludes:

“Troxy needs a system which is versatile for both live music and corporate events and the JBL VTX A12 certainly fits the bill. This holistic system overhaul makes our sound operate as one – meaning that bands, event organisers, fans and tech teams alike now enjoy the sonic offering in the venue, thanks to this incredible bit of kit and the teams at JBL, Harman, SSE and Sound Technology Ltd.”


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