TechNuovo have recently reviewed the PG16 Gaming Headset from Austrian Audio and had a great overall impression of the headset, noting its impressive build and sound quality, especially when considered at the price range that they fit within.

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"Primarily made from plastic, the Austrian Audio PG16 is pretty lightweight, and only weighs around 265 grams which is light enough to use for longer periods of gaming without feeling heavy on the head." 

When speaking of the build quality, TechNuovo said "Everything here feels pretty sturdy too, and the hinges which can fold flat to your desk or neckline don’t feel weak, and the adjustable head straps are nice and smooth to move up and down and strong enough to stay in place without the need for constant readjusting."

When it comes to sound quality, they noted "As for game audio quality, I’m impressed. There’s a fantastic blend of highs and lows, and game audio sounds extremely clean and precise."

Overall, TechNuovo were really impressed with the overall quality of the headset, "… for £129 here in the UK, you’re going to be getting a superb bit of kit, and I couldn’t recommend more really in this current gaming market. Great job Austrian Audio, you’ve quite frankly smashed it." 

To read their full review follow the link here or alternatively view their YouTube review here.

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