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Recently, Julian Roberts of Production Expert reviewed the Austrian Audio OC818 and OC18 microphones, detailing their "clean and balanced" properties and the incredibly effective PolarDesigner. 

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The single-diaphragm OC18 and dual-diaphragm OC818 both feature a beautiful new handmade ceramic CKR12 capsule, resulting in no compromise in sound between the two models. In fact, any OC18 and OC818 can be used as a matched pair due to the extreme precision of our manufacturing and measuring processes.

Clean and balanced are words which come to mind and while in the list of possible adjectives which could be used to describe a microphone these words might sound boring, the results are far from that. What these mics are is versatile. They work on everything I tried them on and I see no reason to suspect they wouldn’t work just as well on anything else. Something which can’t be said of character mics. - Julian Roberts

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Read the full review via the Production Expert website here

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