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Austrian Audio OC818 Sets - Which One is Right for Me?
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Austrian Audio OC818 Sets - Which One is Right for Me?

So you’re ready to upgrade your mic collection and take your sound to the next level. You've selected the OC818 as the mic that ticks all the boxes. Ceramic capsule with a clean, pure sound; completely variable polar patterns; outputs for each diaphragm; it’s just what you’re looking for.

But when you go to buy, you’re greeted with 3 sets or packages - Studio, Live, and Dual Set Plus... Which one do you pick? What are the differences (apart from price!)? In this blog, we’re going to briefly break that down for you so that you can select the best choice for your application! 

Studio Set

As the name suggests, the Studio Set features all of your studio essentials such as a shock mount to reduce unwanted transmission through the stand and the mini-XLR cable that is used to access the second capsule output for unlimited Polar pattern creation using Austrian Audio’s free Polar Designer Plugin. This is the best choice for anyone wanting to add a single OC818 to their mic collection.

It’s worth noting that every OC818 ever made is effectively, ‘stereo matched’ so if you were to buy the studio set and one day decided to add another, you could use the two together to record in true stereo.

Studio Set Includes:

  • 1 x OC818
  • 1 x Windshield
  • 1 x Shock Mount
  • 1 x Mic Stand Mount
  • 1 x Mini XLR Breakout Cable
  • 1 x Carry Case

Live Set

The live set is a 2-mic, stereo kit that features only what you need for live performance. Typically, in live situations, the OC818 will not be used with a shock mount, so this set removes those items and condenses the set down to the absolute essentials. You may also be wondering why there is no Carry Case included with this set. For tour & production companies it's common practice to transport microphones together in specially designed flightcases for efficiency - keeping them safe and stored all together. Austrian Audio provide custom mic covers to keep the OC818's clean and dust free during transit. 

Live Set Includes:

  • 2 x OC818
  • 2 x Windshield
  • 2 x Mic Cover
  • 2 x Mic Stand Mount
  • 2 x Mini XLR Breakout

Dual Set Plus

The Dual Set Plus is the most complete of the collection and features all of the accessories available for each mic Including the windshield, shock mount, mic stand mount, XLR breakout, as well as a Stereo Bar for correct positioning during stereo micing.

This is the best option for those looking for a true stereo mic setup in the studio or on the stage. Both mics are also packed together in a robust carry case – perfect for travelling to studio to studio or venue to venue.

Dual Set Plus Includes:

  • 2 x OC818
  • 2 x Windshield
  • 2 x Shock Mount
  • 2 x Mic Stand Mount
  • 2 x Mini XLR Breakout Cable
  • 1 x Stereo Bar
  • 1 x Carry Case

Here’s a comparison chart of all three sets together:

OC818 Studio SetOC818 Live SetOC818 Dual Set Plus
1 x OC818 Microphone2 x OC818 Microphones2 x OC818 Microphones
1 x OCW8 Windshield2 x OCW8 Windshields2 x OCW8 Windshields
1 x OCH8 Mic Stand Mount2 x OCH8 Mic Stand Mount2 x OCH8 Mic Stand Mount
1 x OCC8 Mini XLR Breakout2 x OCC8 Mini XLR Breakout2 x OCC8 Mini XLR Breakout
1 x OCS8 Shock Mount-2 x OCS8 Shock Mount
--1 x SB1 Stereo Bar
1 x Standard Carry Case 2 x Mic Cover1 x Large Carry Case

Other Accessories

There are a few additional accessories available for the OC818 that aren't included in the base packages. These include:

  • The OCP8 Pop Filter - Pop filters are a handy tool for recording vocals in studio sessions, however the OCP8 isn't included in the sets, as many recording engineers will usually have one or two lying around! It's fair to say that the OCP8 is an exceptionally high quality pop filter, and is available from Austrian Audio if you want one to go with your mic!
  • The OCR8 Bluetooth Remote - If you haven't heard already, the breakout port on the OC818 can also be used to attach a bluetooth remote - the OCR8. Using this device, you can fine tune the OC818's polar pattern, adjust the pad & filter settings using your smartphone! To find out more, check out our Musician's Blog guide here.

That’s a quick breakdown of each OC818 set and which one is more suited to your application. Each set is designed to give you exactly what you need for your application without paying for accessories that you wouldn’t use. If you pick the right set using this guide above, you’ll be up and running in no time!

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