Solution brings award-winning Apogee conversion, ultra-low noise and simple Lightning and USB-C connectivity to discreet lavalier form-factor!

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Apogee Electronics today announced the all-new ClipMic digital, a professional-grade USB lavalier microphone. The second generation ClipMic digital, features a new ultra-small capsule and award-winning Apogee digital conversion and low-noise mic preamp technology. And now ClipMic digital works with macOS and Windows 10 as well as iOS devices.

With an improved custom microphone capsule delivering a 10 dB lower noise floor than its predecessor, ClipMic digital beautifully captures dialog, interviews, narration, lessons, auditions and singing. The capsule, combined with Apogee analog-to-digital conversion and low-noise mic preamplifier, allows ClipMic digital to capture audio with incredible sound quality that was previously only available with much more expensive solutions.

The new smaller sized capsule also makes it perfect for capturing audio on-camera. Now, vloggers, streamers, educators, and corporate marketers can record great-sounding audio without the visual distraction by discreetly attaching the ultra-small capsule to a lapel or collar.

ClipMic digital now comes with a protective travel case and interchangeable cables. Lightning, USB-C and USB-A cables for plug-and-play compatibility with iPhone, iPad, macOS and Windows are included.

What’s New

  • Smaller custom microphone capsule – lower noise / higher performance
  • Now compatible with macOS, Windows 10 and iOS (iPhone/iPad) – all cables included
  • Carrying case included

MetaRecorder Software Included

To facilitate the recording process, ClipMic digital also comes with the Apogee MetaRecorder app for iOS. Apogee MetaRecorder is a revolutionary audio recording app for iPhone/iPad that offers linked recording, tagging and organizing of audio on up to 4 iOS devices. This enables content creators to use multiple iOS devices to capture multiple sources of audio for interviews, conferences, dialog for video and film and other applications.

Pricing & Availability

The ClipMic2 will begin shipping in Q1 2021 with a price to be confirmed at time of writing.