has published a superb review of the AKG K371 professional studio headphones, perfectly suited for content creators, musicians, life in the studio or on the go. 

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The verdict reads:

"The AKG K371 headphones set the standard for affordable studio headphones. They are superb with probably the best-balanced sound I’ve heard in any pair of wired headphones almost at any price. I’ve reviewed plenty of high-end models, some with ridiculous price tags, and I’m fairly sure that the AKG K371 could hold their own with most of them, albeit without the ultra-deluxe finish.

The fit of the K371 is comfortable and solid while the choice of three different cable types is excellent and makes these headphones so versatile. The Mini-XLR connector places these headphones in the professional studio category and I really prefer this connection method over the more usual 3.5mm headphone socket. At this price, the AKG K371 are genuinely hard to beat and they set the standard for affordable studio headphones that other manufacturers will have to follow. Oh... and they also sound pretty good hooked up to a smartphone."

Read the full review via the Forbes website here.