"These are the best-sounding 'phones I've used, bar none".

MT K812 560

The K812 superior reference headphones are AKG’s flagship headphones and offer the most pure and natural sound possible.  They receive a superb review in the new issue of MusicTech where they are awarded the magazine’s ‘Choice’ award.

"You suddenly open things up, and by that I mean the space, the frequencies, the separation and the clarity. It's as if everything relaxes into a more musical space around your head when you compare these directly to something cheaper”.

"For mixing, they are extraordinary. I've been mixing a lot on headphones of late and finding the results a little 'scrunched', with lots of fighting for a place in the mix. These seem to allow you to place things better, spread them out and allow mixes to breath more. Levels came down, I was less stressed and everyone in our house was happier!"

"Accurate yet vibey, spacious, on the money, comfortable and perfect for mixing (and listening to) your music, these are the ultimate phones (at the ultimate price)."

The full review can be found in the September 2016 issue of MusicTech magazine on sale now.  The AKG K812 headphones are also available now priced at £999 RRP inc VAT.

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