First Look at the AKG ARA USB Microphone
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First Look at the AKG ARA USB Microphone

Recording your voice for Podcast, Voiceover work, or Gaming has never been easier since the invention of USB mics. But whilst easy to use, their sound quality has often left a little something to be desired! Since AKG entered the market, they have been committed to introducing that quality, AKG sound in a plug-and-play format that can elevate the sound of anyone’s recordings.  

The AKG LYRA (which you can read about here) offered several unique innovations such as stereo recording alongside the renowned AKG sound, but with the introduction of its younger sister the AKG ARA USB microphone, they promise to keep that bar just as high, but introduce the same tech in a simpler package.

With an optimised feature set, ARA is designed for podcasters, YouTubers, music makers and gamers who need pristine 96kHz, 24-bit recording without the headaches setting it up! Gone are the days of expensive interfaces, XLR cables and condenser mics; simply connect the ARA to your Mac®, PC, iOS® and Android™ devices with its included USB cable and you are ready to create your content or stream to the masses with pure, AKG sound.

Featuring 2 capsules rather than the four found in the Lyra, the ARA can be configured for a traditional Cardioid Polar pattern for standard Voice recording applications or as an Omnidirectional microphone when it’s essential to record interviews with multiple speakers positioned around the microphone.


Featuring zero-latency monitoring via its built-in headphone amp as well as other essential functions such as quick access mic mute and a headphone volume located on the front, the ARA distils everything you need into a compact, desktop package that can be positioned in the sweet spot on your desktop setup with its integrated stand or mounted on a traditional mic stand for ideal placement by your instrument of choice.

ARA ships with an array of accessories including a 2m USB-C to USB-A cable, a 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch threaded mic stand adapter and a free registration card for Ableton Live 11 Lite recording software – but never fear, ARA works seamlessly with all major live-streaming, video conferencing, and music-recording applications.

With its modern design but vintage aesthetic, the ARA is suited to your home office, ultra-modern gaming setup, or comfy living room and allows you to record whenever creativity strikes at the highest possible quality and with the lowest possible complexity.

Where to buy AKG Ara in the UK

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